About Us

Founding Principles

Conscious Stuff was founded early in 2012 and is based on the principle that our business should strive to have a positive impact on the world through our work.



Our ear piercings and jewelry are all crafted from organic material, such as bone, horn, and wood sourced from sustainable and renewable sources.

The bone, horn, and wood are all bio degradable, and so have minimal to no impact on the earth when they eventually return to it.

For our buffalo bone and horn products we make sure that no animal is ever killed or harmed solely for our jewelry. All our buffalo horn comes from areas where locals still eat buffalo meat as part of their daily food. The bone and horn used to produce our products comes from communities that otherwise would have no use for it.

Our company is dedicated to helping protect the rainforest. The raw materials used for our jewelry are sourced from plantations where environmentally sustainable trees are produced for the purpose of jewelry making. This plantation has a 2 for 1 policy in which 2 trees are planted for every one that is taken. We hope this will contribute to a more environmentally friendly future and help reduce harm from green house gasses.



Our piercings are produced using traditional techniques for hand carving jewelry by highly skilled and experienced carvers using natural raw materials as they have been used for thousands of years.

We will continue to stand against injustices in the world, and are strongly opposed to child labor. Our team ensures that our products are produced without the involvement of anyone under the age of 18.

The production of our jewelry helps to develop remote village areas economically and socially. A part of our sales flows back into the village communities where our jewelry is produced. This is resulting in schools being built, the poor being fed, and the needy being given what they need.

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