Frequently Asked Questions

What is the exchange rate from NZD to my currency?
you can click here to convert from NZD to your currency using the current exchange rate

Are Buffalo endangered?
No. Buffalo are plentiful in the area’s where our jewelry is produced.

Are the animals killed for their horns?
The horn and bone used to make our jewelry is from buffalo that have already been killed for their meat. Our products are made from materials that would otherwise be wasted.

Will my piercing break?
Buffalo horn is actually deceptively flexible since it is made from compound hair, so it will not easily break. Bone and wood on the other hand, can become brittle if it is left to dry out. Proper maintenance of your organic piercing should include oiling it lightly about once a month.  Of course, if you mistreat your piercing you could potentially damage it, but as long as you look after it you can enjoy your piercing for years to come.

Will the pin fall out? What if I lose a pin or ball?
Our experience with buffalo horn pins into wood is that they can be fastened rather tightly, and having pins fall out is not a likely problem. Balls have been known to go missing, but usually when they are dropped while putting a piercing in. However, we will supply you with a spare set of balls and pins with your order, and should you ever need additional balls or pins simply contact us and we can send them to you at a very cheep price.

Can I get my piercing wet, or wear it in the shower?
Your organic piercing should be fine in a small rain shower, but it is inadvisable to wear it in the shower or to go swimming with it. Excessive exposure to moisture could damage your piercing.

Can I return a product if I am not satisfied?
Yes, Simply send the product back to us within 30 days of receiving it and we will either replace it or refund your money.

What if I like a product but you don’t have it in my size?
We can probably get it in for you in your size. Simply contact us via our contact form and we will sort it out for you.

I have an ordinary piercing, will a 2mm stretcher fit in my ear?
You will probably need to stretch a little bit to get a 2mm piercing in. The good news is a stretch to 2mm is not hard to do and we can supply you with quality tapers to help you do it correctly.

Will my ear go back to normal size after stretching?
So long as you stretch properly your ear should be able to completely close up even after a significant amount of stretching. While everyone is slightly different, the generally accepted point of no return is around 12mm diameter

What is the proper way to stretch my ears?
You should only go up one gauge at a time, and you should  wait at least a month between stretchers. The best material to use for the initial stretching is 316L Stainless steel, or more expensive titanium or glass. For more detailed information on how to stretch correctly click here

I still have a question? Where can I get it answered?
Simply contact us via the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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