Ironwood Stash Plug

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This price is for a single piece. Please order two if you would like a pair

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This Ironwood Stash Plug is a carved hollow plug with lid. Space for you to hide things. No one would suspect you had anything stashed away in your plug.

Sourced from a sustainable plantation, the ironwood is also great for healed piercings.  The greatest benefit of organic material for your ear piercings is the reduced sweating and cheese build up, resulting in better smelling ears.

To keep your organic plugs looking good as new for a long time, avoid getting them wet because they can absorb water and swell.  I also recommend oiling them once per month to keep them shiny using Jojoba oil.

Available in 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 25mm

Price is for a single piece, please order two if you would like a pair.

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