NZD $23.50

Spiral Wood Plug

This Spiral Wo0d Plug was delicately hand carved from Iron Wood. This plug is hollow, a cross between a tunnel and...

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NZD $26.50

Concave Ironwood Tunnel

This Concave ironwood tunnel was hand crafted .  The concave design adds a touch of flair to an otherwise classic...

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NZD $35.50

Filigree carved Horn Plug

This Filigree carved horn plug is delicately hand carved from buffalo horn.  This horn plug is a cross breed...

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NZD $18.50

Ironwood Saddle Tunnel

This Ironwood Saddle Tunnel is made from Ironwood which is hard, light and black.  This smooth finished organic...

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NZD $21.50

Palm Wood Stretcher

This Palm wood stretcher had been lovingly hand made and will give you a uniquely tribal appearance. Crafted from...

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NZD $?

Don’t see what you want?

After Some thing in a particular size, or specific design that you don’t see here? No Problem, Just get in...

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