Double Ear Stainless Stretching Set

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Stainless stretching set

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This set of 316L surgical stainless steel stretchers and plugs includes everything that you need to stretch both ears from 1.6mm (14 Gauge) to 10mm (00 Gauge), Made from the highest quality stainless steel these stretchers are the very best thing to use to stretch up. Each taper  past 2.5mm comes with a corresponding single flared tunnel, which is perfect to wear while your ears settle between stretches. We are offering these at an incredibly low price, so there is no need to stretch using low quality acrylic tapers that are bad for your ears, and the environment. Grab your stainless stretching set today!

set includes:

1.6mm Taper x 2,
1.6mm Tunnel x 2
2mm Taper x 2
2mm Tunnel x 2
3mm Taper x 2
3mm Tunnel x 2
4mm Taper x 2
4mm Tunnel x 2
5mm Taper x 2
5mm Tunnel x 2
6mm Taper x 2
6mm Tunnel x 2
8mm Taper x 2
8mm Tunnel x 2
10mm Taper x 2
10mm Tunnel x 2

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